Misc: ALTX Blindscan 4.5.0 drivers patch

UPDATE: 20090927 - Fixed Hi/Lo band switching as well

ALTX blindscan running under 4.5.0 driver

What is ALTX blindscan?
Blindscan is a program for SkyStar 2 card revision 2.3 that can sweep transponders, searching for any DVB-S signals. Because of tuner and demod chip used on this card, it's possible to autodetect PSK speeds without trying every single rate. This allows you to search entire satellite in 1-2 minutes.

What's wrong with it?
For it to run correctly, you need old drivers. I had to switch to them every time I wanted to run it, then load new ones again for normal operation. This was just annoying...

How this patch works?
It injects DLL into original unmodified EXE to filter IOCTL requests send to card, correcting them to work on 4.5.0. There is included bat file (!run.bat) you must use run the program (or create shortcut that does same thing).

Download: blindscan_fixed.rar (270kb)

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