Sats: Chinese Lunar Orbiter Chang'e-2

S-band downlink parameters
Frequency:2210.8 MHz
Downlink modulation:+/-65536Hz sidebands
 1024Bd BPSK
Coding:Viterbi 1/2
Frame:1024bits (after Viterbi)
Syncword:44 44 24 C4 50 hex
Uplink echo on downlink:+/-8040Hz sidebands
 125Bd BPSK
More info will be added soon...
S-band downlink spectrum screenshots (using 10m dish):

Basic TLM, SC not being commanded

SC sweeps and locks to groundstation

Start of commanding, uplink echo subcarrier appears

Middle of pass, SC locked to GS, showing all subcarriers

End of visibility from GS, SC unlocks

SC doppler and signal level with compensated Moon doppler
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