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UrbanTerror 4.2
Optimized client

What is this?

Game client for Urban Terror. This is latest Mitsubishi's build with some additional changes,
mostly to make it run UrT 4.2 and support Auth system.
I will try to keep it up to date so it always runs latest UrT version.

So it have rawmouse, Ikalizer, DmaHD, ... ?

All features supported by original Mitsu build are supported!

Anything extra?

sysPriority (0-14) - Changes process and thread priority:

  • 0 = default, normal priority
  • 5 = high priority
  • 7 = highest priority
  • 8-14 = really high priority values, may lock system or cause problems, use with care.
This solves problem when you have many different programs running in the background (web browser, skype, ...)
Priority 7 should be noticeably better - check the cl_drawFPS drop values.

See original Mitsu build page for complete list of cvars and added features

Will it work with 4.1.1 as well?

Yes! It's 100% compatible with both 4.2 and 4.1 versions of Urban Terror.
For 4.1.1, use +set fs_homepath "C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\Application Data\Quake3" parameter,
so it uses original quake3 profile. (Similar for non-windows OSs). Always keep 4.1 and 4.2 user directories separate!

Why you removed Ikalizer sound replacement?

Because it's a pure client violation and I consider it cheating. I will not implement any stupid features
that could be called cheats or hacks - no sound replacement, no background music muting or anything similar.

Downloads where?

  • Windows x86 v0.4b1 - Updated EXE with some improvements related to recent updates in UrT, just replace old one with it
  • Windows x86 (MinGW) build v0.34 (Includes all needed DLLs, just unpack to UrT 4.2 directory)
  • Source code for v0.4b1 (Read !read_me_first.txt file)
  • Win64 and Linux builds may be available in the future
  • Please report any bugs (use UrbanTerror.info forum) so I can fix them.


  • v0.4b1 - Imported bunch of stuff from official client, like bot numbers in serverlist and other things to support latest UrT mod versions
  • v0.34 - Master server port change, dmaHD updated, fixed missing textures on icy maps and few other fixes
  • v0.33-beta2 - Quick fix to support 4.2.15 master server
  • v0.33-beta - Supports newpurelist format, 4.2 console text colors and other needed fixes
  • v0.32 - Fixed demo playback of files from original client
  • v0.31 - Changed profile directory name to "UrbanTerror" (and ".urt" on linux) to resolve 4.1 vs. 4.2 conflict
    If you lost your settings when running this build, either copy or rename "Quake3" in AppData to "UrbanTerror" or use "+set fs_homepath c:\xxx" as exe parameter to set path to old directory (or any other).
  • v0.3 - First public version, compatible with UrT 4.2.2. Auth is client only, use official build if you want to run server.
  • v0.2 - Stable UrT 4.2.1 client, internal testing
  • v0.1 - First version

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