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Chinese Lunar Lander Chang'e-3

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Lunar Lander
Frequency:8496.0 MHz (screenshot)
Modulation:BPSK 2.5MBit
Coding:Viterbi 1/2 + ReedSolomon
Syncword:CCSDS 0x1ACFFC1D
Frame:8192bits (after Viterbi), scrambled
CCSDS ID:HDRv2 0x1A9 (CE-3-Z)
Note:Idling on 0xAA filled frames
Jade rabbit rover
Frequency:8462.1 MHz (screenshot)
Modulation:BPSK 4095Bd
Coding:Viterbi 1/2
Syncword:CCSDS 0x1ACFFC1D
Frame:1024bits (after Viterbi), not scrambled
CCSDS ID:HDRv2 0x1A6 (CE-3-X)
Decoded frames structure of Jade rabbit rover telemetry:
CCSDS header with frame counter on the left, the first multiplexed block of data (timecode), then fast value block, followed by large block of slowly updating multiplexed data. Near end of frame, block of seemingly empty blocks, possibly command queue or reply list. At the end of frame, CRC-16 error checking code.

Thanks goes to pjm from http://uhf-satcom.com/ for receiving these signals and allowing me to do the analysis.

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