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This is original DOS version of Trunker ported to windows with added soundcard api and single receiver operation mode.
It's based on original DOS Trunker by Neal R. Fildes.

Note: I made this software long time ago as there were no usable alternatives. It may still be usefull for you, however don't expect me to add new features or fix bugs in it

Release DateVersion 
04.01.20043.8.3 beta1 build4Fixed win98 screen, soundcard bad-signal-after-while issue, bad new channels and added Australian plans ('4'&'N').
28.11.20043.8.3 beta1 build3Automatic signal inverting (after 10 inverted blocks - Smartzone), COM port not needed when scanner not set
27.11.20043.8.3 beta1 build2Fixed bug in NetCap/Cell handling
26.11.20043.8.3 beta1 build1Fixed display problems under Windows 98 & Me
25.11.20043.8.3 beta1Partial one scanner support (see below #5) + original b1 features(xxxxMAP.TXT files, etc.)
10.11.20043.8.3First release

New features in this version compared to original DOS program:

  • SoundCard support (no slicer interface required, all slicer settings ignored)
  • FT817 transceiver control
  • You can hold radio ID by pressing K and entering ID
  • By pressing / key, you can manually mark current channel as idle
  • One scanner manual mode - in config set ONESCANNERMODE=1, tune to channel and hold group/patch/ID. You must manually return to control channel after end of voice by pressing key /. (This is unfinished, will be automatic in next version)

Download: mtrunker32.zip (120kb)
Detailed documentation is included (file README.HTM).

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