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MPT-1327 Trunker

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This program is MPT-1327 Trunk control channel decoder. It uses SoundCard as input device. This program is still in development, this is only beta version: decoder is fully working, but graphical interface is missing and only AR5000 scanner is supported.

Note: I made this software long time ago as there were no usable alternatives. It may still be usefull for you, however don't expect me to add new features or fix bugs in it

MPT-1327 Trunker window

Program description

It's simple console application, it starts decoding when started. To end it, press ENTER.
Decoded frames are shown in following 5 columns:

  • Trunk ID (4 hexadecimal digits)
  • Codeword name (check official documentation)
  • Source of data (radio, station or device ID)
  • Destination of data (radio, station, device or channel ID)
  • Codeword contents (parsed details)

Station or device IDs in MPT-1327 consists of group number and station number. In my program I use XX:YYYY NNNN format, where XX is group number, YYYY is station number (both hexadecimal). NNNN is description for this specific station loaded from config file.

When program catches GOTOC command (GO TO Channel), it will tune scanner to it. When channel is closed, it will tune back to control channel or park frequency.


At start program will automatically load MPTTRUNKER.INI with global settings from current directory. Sections/Values are case-insensitive.


OwnIniFilesuse extra config file for every trunk (file name 0xXXXX.ini where XXXX is trunk ID)
ParkFrqParking frequency, not set when using only one scanner.
FollowWhat call type to follow: 0=none 1=voice only 2=data only 3=all
ComPortSerial port for scanner (COM1, COM2, ...)
ComBaudrateSerial port speed

[0xXXXX] (Each trunk system ID section, example: [0x3D89]) ||

Followsame as above
Nametrunk description
CCControl Channel frequency (example: 1682000)
CHxxEach channel frequency - xx = decimal channel number
LogFileFile for logging all messages (same format as on screen)
SBMLogFile for logging SBM messages
yyxxxxRadio ID descriptions, YY=group, XXXX=ID, hexadecimal

Download: mpttrunker.zip (34kb)

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